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This website, xstitchcrafts.com, was set up to help and assist fellow cross stitching enthusiasts in sharing their experiences and learning more about this interesting craft form. Cross stitching is a type of sewing and is often used to create different pictures on any king of evenweave fabric. There are different types of cross stitch, such as, counted cross stitch, stamped cross stitch and so on. Each type of cross stitch requires the needle to be taken through different intricate directions to get a perfect stitch.
www.xstitchcrafts.com has plenty of cross stitch patterns contributed by members of the website from different corners of the world.  If you are a novice in cross stitching, you need not worry. There are several beginner videos on the website to help out beginners in this interesting form of sewing. You can also partake in the forums and ask for guidance from the ore experienced members in how to proceed with your cross stitch project. In fact, some of our community members have also gotten together for a giant cross stitch project for the General Hospital Children’s ward last month. If you are looking for similar projects to give back to the society, register on the website. We also have a full-fledged monthly newsletter with plenty of articles and patterns contributed by our members.  Sign up for the newsletter to stay up to date with the latest goings in the cross stitching community. www.xstitchcrafts.com is proud to bring cross stitching enthusiasts closer from different corners of the world.

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