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Needlecraft Business Specifics and Achieving SSI Registration

The Global Textile Industry had seen a rapid growth in business especially due to the increase in Stitching Business ventures. This in turn is helping the wholesalers as the supply level has augmented. It is seen that the production cost in many Asian countries like India, China, Cambodia etc.are much lower, thus accelerating the Stitching Business to a peak.
This is an era where becoming an entrepreneur by being self-employed and starting one's own business and being your own boss is the vogue. To have a successful Stitching business up and running fundamental understanding of Designing, Cutting and Tailoring is required. The exposure to the trends in market along with stitching them will be an add-on. Above all, learning how to price them and also most importantly getting an SSI Registration done for the business is important.
Let us review the important areas to focus on before starting a Stitching Business in India.
Crafting a Business Plan, Business Place and Tailoring Essential…

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