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Embroidery is a craft work which is done to decorate a piece of fabric. This is done with the help of a needle, thread, yarn, etc. You can also make use of various other materials like pearls, beads etc.the styles of embroidery varies based on the type and texture of the fabric and region. Commonly, several events like art fairs, exhibitions are conducted in party halls. A popular embroidery event was organized in Chennai Convention Center a famous party hall.  Here the article talks about the popular event that featured various embroidery works of different states of India. Now you would know about the various embroidery styles popular in India and the embroidery works that were displayed in the event.

Famous Indian Embroidery Styles


This is a popular embroidery style which is widely in practice in the states of Kashmir and Kutch. It is a style of embroidery where the hook, silk threads are used in, and beautiful patterns are made on it with the help of a frame. A long needle is used for this type of embroidery work; the thread is fed from the other side of the fabric. Usually, a chain stitch is made in this type of embroidery.

Banjara Embroidery

This embroidery style belongs to the gypsy tribes of the state of Andhra Pradesh. This embroidery style includes mirror and beadwork of multiple colors. In this embroidery style, a criss-cross stitch is done. The design is offered based on the texture and weave of the cloth. The varied colors and beautiful geometric patterns make this embroidery style look elegant.

Banni or Heer Bharat

This embroidery style belongs to the state of Gujarat and done by the Lohana community. In this embroidery type silk floss is done. This embroidery style is known for its vibrant and rich color. This style of embroidery is influenced by the embroidery designs of the Punjab region.  

Chamba Rumal

This beautiful embroidery belongs to the state of Kangra, Chamba, Basholi. This region is known for its highly skilled artisans.

Chikan or Chikankari

This embroidery style is known for its elegant patterns. This is a traditional embroidery style of the city of Lucknow. This embroidery is mostly done in silk fabric. This embroidery is said to be developed by the Emperor Nur Jahangir. In this type of embroidery, white thread is used on delicate fabrics so that the work looks best on it. Usually, designs of animals, flowers, etc. are printed on the fabric, and then the chikan work is done on it. There are several types of stitches, including taipchi, pechni, bakhia, phanda, jallis, etc.


This type of embroidery style belongs to the state of Rajasthan. This embroidery done in golden thread is done in women’s formal attire. It is an elaborate design pattern which is done with zari border. Golden ribbons are used to create a zari effect in the border. This type of embroidery style practiced in the city of Jaipur makes use of shapes like birds, animals, and other figures.


This embroidery style belongs to the state of Bengal. It is done in many layers of cloth, and a running stitch is performed on the fabric. The specialty of this embroidery design is that there is no right or wrong side with it. This type of design was initially done in making quilts, and then the embroidery design was done in saris, salwar, stoles, etc. These designs were based on certain mythological characters, animals, flowers, etc. Some of the popular types of Kantha embroidery styles are Sujani Kantha, Durjani Kantha, Archilata Kantha, Oaar Kantha, and Lep


This is an embroidery design which makes use of zari metallic thread. Sewing flat stitches aredone in this type of embroidery. You can find this type of embroidery design in bridal and other costumes. It can be used as covering for furniture, animal carts, etc.

Kashmiri Embroidery

This embroidery design is from the state of Kashmir. The designs are inspired by nature, and chain stitch is used to come up with this unique design. This embroidery is mostly done in silk, and woolen base. This type of embroidery design is seen in bedspreads, pillow covers, and other ornamental works.

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The above are some of the embroidery styles that are popular in the several states of India. The above embroidery designs were featured in the embroidery event.


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