Decrease The Time Spent On Cross Stitches

Image showing cross stitches which resembles the olymbic symbols

Cross Stitches Made Faster Than Ever

Many embroidery artists use up a lot of time in cross-stitching. At times, it can result in delayed completion of your designs. No one wants something like this because it can make you appear unprofessional even when you don't intend to do so. Some people are exceptionally quick with their cross-stitching. And they make you wonder the secret tricks and hacks they use in their tasks. Well, the tips listed in this article will help you in enhancing your speed without compromising with quality. 

Get Rid of The Frames and Hoops

If you want to complete your cross stitches at significant speeds, then you must stop using hoops and frames. You should remember that it requires a lot of skill and expertise. You need to confident about your abilities to ensure that the quality remains top-notch even when you complete the stitches in minimal time.

Image of a partially colored butterfly - cross stitch design

Shorter lengths
Irrespective of the area of the design, you will need to divide the whole thing into small segments. This doesn't mean you need to cut off portions of the cloth. All you need to do is start working on folded sections of the fabric without any frames and hoops. It will enhance your speed without any additional efforts from your side.

Control the needle
Your threads will tend to get twisted at all times when you sew without a hoop. So, you must be in command of the needle at all times. You need to ensure that the design doesn’t get negatively affected. 

Not for beginners
You should remember that if you are still learning the art and science of cross-stitching, then the above methods will not be ideal for you. Sewing without frames should be done only when you have been doing cross stitches for a prolonged period.


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