Learn To Change Colours In Designs

Embroidery Design Represents Two Cocks

Smart Colouring Patterns In Embroidery

All innovative designs in embroidery will delight you not only with the quality of stitches but also with the color combination. Beginners often wonder about the best ways to use various colors in their designs. At times, you can get frustrated with yourself. The fact is that you need to have the right creative energy whenever you are on course to create such excellent designs. Yes, it is not an easy task. Your stitching skills must be up to the mark if you want to accomplish such tasks.

The Design Must Be Planned

Before you set out and start working on your next project, you must create a design with different colors. You can use software to draw it. You can even put it on paper with the use of various types of color pens. In any case, your visualization must be given a concrete shape. It will ensure that you don't deviate from your path. It will also increase your pace. Ambiguity about the design is one of the prominent reasons which leads to delay in the completion of relevant tasks.

The stitches
You should also envisage the stitches that you will use in moving from one color to another. The suitable and appropriate utilization of backstitches, cross-stitches, and stem-stitches is essential to the overall scheme of things. So, you must be attentive and aware at all times throughout the planning and creating process.

The threads and equipment
The embroidery must use their skills and experience to determine all the tools they will need to get the job done. You should assemble all the needles you will need. The frames, as well as hoops, must also be available before you start. It might sound obvious, but using the right threads is also crucial. Make sure you have everything you need.


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