The Myths of Embroidery and Cross Stitches

Image Resembles the cross stich design for home

Know Your Priorities and Stick To Them

Some of the most talented and creative embroidery artists start worrying endlessly about their creations. At times, the worries are rational, and you need to make efforts to correct the mistakes you are making. At other times, you are thinking along the wrong track, and you need to adjust your thinking before everything else. 

Don’t Worry About The Back

Many people will tell you that the beauty of the backside of cross-stitched embroidery should be equal to the visual appeal of the front. Quite frankly, that is next to impossible. Suppose you create an excellent and innovative design on the front portion of jeans. You have put in a lot of effort, and the pattern looks flawlessly beautiful. 

The fact is that the back of the design is never going to be visible to anyone. There is no point in trying to make it pretty. All you need to ensure is that there are no loose ends. These loose ends can decrease the longevity of the overall design. No matter how much someone tells you to focus on the back, it is not your job to do so. 

Image showing a cross stitch replicates a flowerpot design

Avoid unnecessary criticism
Being critical is a lot easier than being correct. Have you seen some of the most fabulous embroidery designs on the best websites? How many of them show the reverse side of the designs? None of them want to show off the back portion of embroidery designs because they are never going to be pretty let alone photogenic.

Nothing is impossible
You shouldn't forget that reversible embroidery is not impossible, but you will need to utilize the concepts of double-running stitch to accomplish this. However, you must ask yourself what the point in doing it this way is? Unless the client specifically asks for reversible display, you needn't tread along this path.


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