About Us

The love for embroidery started when I was a kid, just 12 years old. The clean lines of cross stitches called to me. Slowly, I started learning everything about it. From there, I migrated into other embroidery and imbibed knowledge like a sponge. Everting I could get a hand on related to cross stitching and embroidery, I devoured. Over time, the interest morphed into learning the history of embroidery. Books piled in corners, threads dangled from every surface and patterns were everywhere.

I did not rest until I knew the answer to all things related to embroidery. If I saw a gorgeous piece of work, my first thought would be how did they make it. And soon I’d dive into finding out. One day the revelation came. If I was curious and eager to learn about cross stitch, won’t others would be equally so?

It was that thought that helped me create this platform. This site is my way of aiding another embroidery enthusiast in their quest to learn about it. To support the pursuit, you will find information on:
  • Essential tips for cross-stitch enthusiasts.
  • A complete guide on cross stitch and embroidery.
  • How to start on your first cross stitch sample?
  • What threads to use?
  • Where to find unique patterns?
  • Tricks on learning hand embroidery.
From samplers to a handkerchief, from table cloths to cushion covers, within this site, you can find ways and methods to cross stitching and embroidering everything. In the coming years, the vision is to turn this place the go-to site when cross-stitch lovers want any information. For those who think their stitches are awful to those who feel they are on the last step to mastery, this site is for all.

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